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The 2 Year Anniversary Episode

The boys are back in town, and just in time for the August earnings season AND the 2 year anniversary of the podcast! Happy Brickiversary!!!

Top 2 and it's Not 2

Randy and Danhai take a look at the market as of May 22nd 2021. Stocks and Gems overflowing, with a bit of real talk thrown in. 🧱

Tracking Greatness (Part 2 of 2)

Randy & Danhai continue the conversation with undisputed Legend…John Jackson.

Market Talk with R and D (April 2021)

Randy and Danhai have a talk about the current stock market's year-to-date state as of early April 2021.

Tracking Greatness (Part 1 of 2)

Randy & Danhai talk with an undisputed Legend…John Jackson.

Rise of the Giants

Randy and Danhai drop in with the first episode of 2021.

The Lead Angel with Sandra Glasgow

This week Randy and Danhai have a conversation with one of the legends from the vanguard of Jamaican Angel Investing, Sandra Glasgow.

Top 3 with R and D

Randy and Danhai catch up with the current earnings season results and give their Top 3 companies from what they've seen. so far.

The Path of the Legend w/ @BrandoBurns (Andre Burnett)

In this one, we recall a conversation with a young legend, Andre Burnett. #StayAttacking #433Forever

Back Again!

@RTRowe and @HDanhai drop in this week with a quick and current one. Dropping gems or just droppings? You decide…😉

The State of the Market - 2020 Market Review (8 of 8) w/@876Invests1

This week on the return of Earnings Season…@RTRowe & @HDanhai wrap up that long running full market review with the help of their guests from @876Invests!

The State of the Market - 2020 Market Review (Part 7) w/@876Invests1

This week Part 7 of the full market review continues! @HDanhai & @RTRowe continue the conversation with @876Invests! From Salada ($SALF.JA) to the SELECTS ($SELECTF.JA, $SELECTM.JA) they touch everything…Portfolio tactics, analysis methods, facts v. Feelings it's all here.

R and D Get Tangential

This week Randy and Danhai talk about the market via QWI's holdings. It goes all over, and ends with them telling their personal picks they expect good things from with the next set of results.

The State of the Market - 2020 Market Review (Part 6) w/@876Invests1

This week the full market review continues! @HDanhai & @RTRowe bring in backup in the form of @876Invests!

A Chat on Investing, Forex, Mindset & Money w_@DmytroAson

This week @RTRowe & @HDanhai get joined by a guest from a lost episode, Dymtro Ason (@DmytroAson).

The State of the Market - 2020 Market Review (Part 5)

This week the full market review continues! @HDanhai & @RTRowe cover 13 companies including a few big ones, like NCB…

The State of the Market - 2020 JA Stock Market Review (Part 4)

This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai continue their review of the entire Jamaican stock market. Starting with General Accident ($GENAC.ja) and going on to cover a little over 20 stocks in this episode, it goes long, but they make sure worth it, as always.

Innovate or Die w/ @QuickPlateJA's CEO @MoniquePowell

This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai speak with @QuickPlateJA's founder @MoniquePowell about her journey and a whole lot more…

KILL WHO?! KILL WHO?! KILL WHO?! w/ @CallTyrone_W

This week @RTRowe & @HDanhai sit and chat with the hardest man fi dead…

2020 Market Review (Part 3)

This week @RTRowe & @HDanhai continue their Q1 Market Review but with updates from some of the recent results released…and they brought some friends of the show along to help. The one and only Dr. @PhilburgInvests, Big Baller @ShaeMill and the one and only Top Striker herself @ExaggeraShan.

Back Again! w/ @MannishWaata

This week on Earnings Season @HDanhai & @RTRowe have another talk with Larren Peart (@mannishwaata), the Founder and CEO who recently bought back his company BlueDot Data Insights from SSLVC. They cover that and a lot more. Give it a listen…

Q1 2020 Stock Market Review (Part 2)

This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai continue their review of the entire market, but first, some additional info on 138 Student Living ($138SL.ja) from last week's episode. They also touch on the impact of the BOJ’s Dividend Request to DTIs and then head right back into the review starting with...Dolphin Cove ($DCOVE.ja).

The State of the Market - Q1 2020 Stock Market Review (Part 1)

This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai start their review of the entire market. They kick things off by covering the most current events; the Bank of Jamaica dividend request to deposit taking institutions, the expected effects and then head into the market review.

Gem Calling

This week @RTRowe channels his best Motty Perkin's impersonation and delivers a bonus for you listeners... Enjoy.

Top Strikers Gonna Strike w/@ExaggeraShan (COVID-19 Series)

This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai talk stocks, plays, COVID effects and have a chat with the Top Striker herself @ExaggeraShan.

The Corona Curfew Live Episode

This week, @RTRowe and @HDanhai break the guest count with 125 of YOU!!!

31 - Sprint Past Corona (COVID 19 Series)

This week @RTRowe & @HDanhai start right off the bat with the big IPO in the room, TransJamaican Highway ($TJH.ja). They give their thoughts on its Day 1 Trading & their early predictions and explanations. Danhai shares a story of a 🔥 trade made on the day & @RTRowe manages to keep the Corny Jokes counter unmoved...for now. They are then joined by Founder and CEO of Sprint Financial Services, Christopher Barrett. Who explains Sprint, their product offers for regular folk. They touch everything from Party Loans to Factoring and then Chris hits our hosts with a few twists. He also clears up a few misconceptions, answers some burning questions (Party Loans?!!!! 😲🤣) and of course, runs the Earnings Season Gauntlet⚔. This one is quite the gold mine🥇. Come for the gems💎, Sprint away with Wealth. Enjoy! Get in touch with Sprint Financial Services to find out more about their services and opportunities. 💻http://sprintfinja.com/ 📞 876-632-4189 or 876-221-9567 📧sprintfinwealth@gmail.com, 📲 @sprintfinancial (Instagram) 📲 @ServicesSprint (Twitter) 📲 https://bit.ly/3drJW5b (FB) Sprint's Online Loan Application: https://bit.ly/2wDJL60 Contact Us Here 💻 Earnings@everymickle.com Follow us on Twitter here 👉🏾 www.twitter.com/Earnings_Season www.twitter.com/RTRowe www.twitter.com/HDanhai 🔗Links🔗 $TJH.ja Day 1 Article 1 - https://bit.ly/2UpBEmZ Article 2 - https://bit.ly/2wDKbt6 Article 3 - https://bit.ly/3dya2Dy $TJH.ja Trading History - https://bit.ly/2xoz1J0 Sprint Loan E.g.: Big Loans to get Big Butts - https://bit.ly/2wu9pdD Sprint Launching Factoring Service - https://bit.ly/3dwxot3 🗣Shoutouts 🗣 Top striker @ExaggeraShan, keep sniping🎯 & @chrisfromuwi LearningGAD, keep searching 🔎

30 - Love (of Profit) in a time of Corona

This week on the return of Earnings Season, @RTRowe & @HDanhai talk Corona, Cardi & the Crashing JSE. They give an update on their portfolio's and their views on how they're approaching the market now. Danhai talks about predicting moves & spotting future value. Randy lists out a recent quick money play, and manages to cough up ANOTHER Dad Joke😩. Are they bleeding, magically resistant, displaying symptoms? Listen and find out! Come for the gems, end up quarantined🚑? Enjoy!! (and stay safe)

29 - Gone WIG the Wind

This week @HDanhai puts on his meteorologist cap & uses Math to get @RTRowe to adjust his tone. They also discuss the market having been away from it for a few weeks touching on recent results along with a bunch of companies including $SEP.ja, $138SL.ja, $JETCON.ja, $QWI.ja, $iCreate.ja, $ISP.ja, $WIG.ja and a whole lot more... Come for the gems, go with the wind 🌬. Enjoy! Contact Us Here 👉🏾 Earnings@everymickle.com Follow us on Twitter here 👉🏾 www.twitter.com/Earnings_Season www.twitter.com/RTRowe www.twitter.com/HDanhai 🔗Links🔗 First Rock Prospectus http://bit.ly/35HvyBp $EFresh.ja stops pork production http://bit.ly/38kfsy8 $KLE.ja retakes Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records franchise http://bit.ly/2uVTGTR $PJam.ja considers APO & Stock Splits & other things http://bit.ly/2uVTQur 🔊Shout Outs🔊 @RichardPandohie, "long time" Chelsea Fan @SmittyRoyal, @5solae, @MayberryInvJa, @guruintraining_, @AlexTheOverlord, @Stef_Nja, @JCKnight2, @JohnHJack, @CallTyrone_W, @Philburginvests

28 - Beginner Investor Stories w/@876Invests

This week @HDanhai & @RTRowe chat with the co-founders of @876Invests. They cover their wild and varied starting stories and each of them provides a view into what their group does and how it helps. This one is a must-listen for anyone new and scared of investing in stocks... Come for the gems, get proper show notes later... Enjoy! Contact Us Here ☎️ Earnings@everymickle.com Follow us on Twitter here 📱 www.twitter.com/Earnings_Season vDE4WzgxAlOvKzjSIV2q 🔗Links🔗 Companies Office Online Incorporation - http://bit.ly/2T4fMN4 Blaine's Fund - http://bit.ly/37ZSufH Kirk's Paper on JSE vs T-Bill Returns Influence - http://bit.ly/2Vsx9sG JSE First Official Trade Tweet (Source 👇🏾) - http://bit.ly/31s34KL JSE Brochure Link - http://bit.ly/2OLjM2H Nobel Prize in Economics 2017 Winner Richard Thaler - https://nyti.ms/384n7k2 NCBFG's AGM Stream - http://bit.ly/39767eq 🗣Shout Outs🗣 @msgillyj, @JCKnight2, @mannishwaata @Tantolifestyle, @Khaleel, @crao_, @owenjames, @JMMB's Daniel Thompson, @KalilahRey, Rita Humphries Lewin, @SagicorJA's Tamisha Hitchens & Chorvelle Johnson

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