Limitless Bricks - Part 3 (Stocks Talk!)

Limitless Bricks - Part 3 (Stocks Talk!)

Randy and Danhai join Thaon and Matthew from The Limitless Podcast for the final part of their conversation on investing and the stock market. They really get into stocks and their picks for this part, so gems are inevitable. Check out the Limitless Podcast if you haven't before and tell us how you like this episode.

Come for the gems💎, get Limitless Bricks included🧱.


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Danhai Hall
Danhai Hall
Jamaica's top Independent Investment Advisor, Founder of D Hall Advisory, Stock Sage, all-round good guy. Journey before destination.
Randy Rowe
Randy Rowe
Retail Investor Advocate, Founder of, Co-Founder of, Corporate Strategist, OG Nerd, Stock Market Maverick…These are all things that I've used to fill out the "short bio" section on myself. I've never had a laugh I didn't appreciate, and I pray I never will.
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