R and D Get Tangential

R and D Get Tangential

This week Randy and Danhai talk about the market via QWI's holdings. It goes all over, and ends with them telling their personal picks they expect good things from with the next set of results.
This week @HDanhai & @RTRowe talk about the market via QWI's holdings. Their latest results came out just as they started recording and so they dive in and follow the path it lays out. They start with the US market and then head right back home to the JSE. $VMIL.ja and $JP.ja come up along with a few others like $SEP.ja. @RTRowe finally speaks on $Key.ja including dropping a few predictions and they wrap up with their personal predictions for winning stocks this quarter.

Come be entertained, informed and educated.

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$Key.ja's Q1 2020 Results - https://bit.ly/3gHlvly
PJAM History - https://www.panjam.com/history
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Randy Rowe
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