Innovate or Die w/ @QuickPlateJA's CEO @MoniquePowell

Innovate or Die w/ @QuickPlateJA's CEO @MoniquePowell

This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai speak with @QuickPlateJA's founder @MoniquePowell about her journey and a whole lot more…
This week @RTRowe and @HDanhai speak with @QuickPlateJA's founder & CEO @MoniquePowell... Hear her tell her journey from her early entrepreneurial start to her years doing a 9-5 in Corporate JA and then her jump to QuickPlate and how it's been going over the last 4 years. She also talks @QuickCartJA, the latest product from the QuickPlate family, meant to get your business online and into home delivery and drops a deal for free delivery for the month of June!

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