KILL WHO?! KILL WHO?! KILL WHO?! w/ @CallTyrone_W

KILL WHO?! KILL WHO?! KILL WHO?! w/ @CallTyrone_W

This week @RTRowe & @HDanhai sit and chat with the hardest man fi dead…
This week @RTRowe & @HDanhai sit with the hardest man fi dead, the one and only Tyrone Wilson (@CallTyrone_W), Founder and CEO of iCreate Ltd. $iCreate.ja recently reported its first profitable quarter and it came not only on the back of the start of the COVID-19 crisis, but also after being written off by multiple industry analysts and their own auditors raising flags about the business continuing as a going concern.
Quite the response from Tyrone and team. We get his view on the state of his business, his plans and the industry in general. 

Come for the gems💎, stay for the realness💪🏾😎. 

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