Back Again! w/ @MannishWaata

Back Again! w/ @MannishWaata

This week on Earnings Season @HDanhai & @RTRowe have another talk with Larren Peart (@mannishwaata), the Founder and CEO who recently bought back his company BlueDot Data Insights from SSLVC. They cover that and a lot more. Give it a listen…
This week on Earnings Season @HDanhai & @RTRowe talk with Larren Peart (@mannishwaata), the Founder and CEO of BlueDot Data Insights. Larren covers the helping of the launch of his latest effort non-profit effort, Citizen Response JA and tells how the whole thing came together and is managed. He then delves into the big story, his buying back of 50% of Blue Dot from SSLVC and then they touch a whole host of other topics, including, of course, stocks…and COVID-19.

Come for the gems, leave with a survey…

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